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Directions for using Re-mov
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In all cases Re-mov penetrates from the edges inward.

As a rule of thumb, products that do not harden, i.e., most caulks, contact adhesives, labels, decals, tape residue, gum, sap, tar and wax can be removed with Re-mov
Hardened products such as Super Glue, two part epoxies, urethane floor coatings and varnishes cannot be removed with Re-mov.

Caulking: For silicone, polyurethane, and polysulfide caulks, first cut away any excess caulking then work Re~mov from the edge(s) of the bond with a putty knife or scraper. Re~mov will work its way under the caulk and release the bond. If residue remains, simply re-apply the area and wipe it clean with a terry type cloth. If you spray an area by mistake, either wipe dry or let Re-mov evaporate, the caulking will not be affected.

Contact Cement/Glue/Liquid Nails: Coat the area with Re-mov and let it sit. The longer it remains on the adhesive the easier your job becomes. Wipe the area with a clean cloth. If any residue remains, repeat. When using Re-mov to remove carpet or headliners, spray the surface heavily, wait at least 15 minutes and test a portion of the item to be removed. If the item remains secure, re-apply Re-mov and wait an additional 15 minutes before removing the item. With Liquid Nails™ if wet: just apply and wipe, if dry: apply and let stand for 30 minutes minimum then clean up Liquid Nails residue.

Polyurethane Expanding Foams: Spray the contaminated area with Re-mov and wipe the area with a clean cloth, note once the foam has cured [6 hrs plus] the Re-mov will not remove the residue.

Tape/Labels/Stickers/Decals/Pin Stripping 
Protective Film: First, spray the item to be removed and let sit for a minute. You will notice that Re-mov penetrates from the edges inward. Use a sharp object to work the edges and re-apply Re-mov. Once there is enough material to grab, slowly begin pulling the item away from the adhesive while spraying Re-mov on the back of the item. It should pull away with ease.

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